St. James Choir is small but it is one of the best in our town. The choir has only six members but they are a choir of angels. These faithful members meet every Tuesday for choir practice. They grace us with a new selection each week for the offertory. This ministry is a blessing not only to St. James but also to the community. They sing with other church choirs at Christmas festivities. Each year during Holy Week they sing for the opening Monday of the early morning services at the Methodist Church. Their performance there is always lauded as one of the best, despite their small size. The choir also organizes special "song nights" during the year, usually followed by an ice cream social or other event that they sponsor.

Current members of the choir include Joyce Arnold (our longest serving member), Minge Bishop, Ella Jane Freeman, Morris Sterzinger, Tani Wilson, Anthony Wilson and our talented pianist Sharon Hester.

From time to time for special occasions...or just as a surprise on Sunday...our choir will arrange a solo, ensemble, special instrumental accompaniment or other musical treat for the congregation's enjoyment and worship experience. Especially anticipated is the candlelight service on Christmas Eve and the singing of beloved Christmas carols. Choir practice is at 7:00 p.m. every Tuesday. If you would like to become a member of the choir you can contact Sharon Hester or just come to choir practice.