St James Episcopal Church

 "Connecting The People Of God"

110 West Green Street
Perry, Florida 32347

Stained Glass Tour


The beautiful stained glass windows in the main sanctuary of St. James represent the events in the life of Christ, beginning with the Nativity and ending with the Ascension.

The first two windows, "The Resurrection" and "Jesus Blessing the Children" were installed in 1984 for the John Dickert and David Sims families who together worked with Truett George of Advent Glass to develop a plan for all ten windows.

After much research to determine the style of windows most appropriate for St. James, Roy Coomber of Bristol, England was chosen as the main designer. The inspiration for the designs came mainly from Trinity Episcopal Church in St. Augistine, Florida. In 1984, Coomber provided water color renderings for all eight windows depicting the life of Christ plus the St. Francis window.

In 1986 the "Healing" window was installed. These first three windows were painted at the Advent Glass Studio by New York artist Dick Millard using Roy Coomber's designs.

In the early 90's, the late Jim Arnold coordinated an effort to find donors for the remaining windows, and by 1992, all of the windows representing the life of Jesus Christ and the St. Francis of Assisi window in the bell tower had been installed. These last windows were painted at Advent Glass by artist Steve Purdy of Fort Wayne, Indiana according to the original Coomber designs.